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Fernando Amerio has been involved in one aspect or another of the boating bisiness since the early 1960's.

In 1973, he estabilished the Centre Nautique Permare to offer a full range of services for his pleasure-boating clientele.


His passion for the sea and his ongoing research in innovative technologies led to the development and construction of his own line of boats.

During the 80's and 90's, Permare produced 52 boats from 16 to 25 meters in length. Subsequently, the Amer 20- 22- 24 meters in lenght series arise. Currently the production is increased in 86', 92' and 116'.


Permare s.r.l. - via del Castillo 17 - Portosole - 18038 Sanremo
tel. 0184 504050 - 0184 504051 - fax 0184 504052

Amer 86', 92' e 116' motoryacht construction and sale

cantieri del mediterraneo

Cantieri del Mediterraneo s.r.l. - Corso Mazzini - Foce Armea - 18032 Bussana (IM)
tel. 0184 514484 - fax 0184 514090

The company obtained the certificated environmental management system, conforms to UNI EN ISO 14001, in 2005.
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The Cantieri del Mediterraneo, built at the beginning of the sixties, always in ativity in servicing and boat housing, were acquired by Gruppo Permare in 1988.
The Cantieri del Mediterraneo, renewed and equipped with a 100t. travel lift, are specialized in restructuring, conversion and maintenance.

They are near the mouth of the Armea river in the industrial area of Bussana in Sanremo, and they can be reached by land though the Aurelia road and by sea through the slip.

There is a metal structure warehouse in the area that covers a total surface of 1,800 sq. m. which includes a housing area, a woodworking workshop, a mechanical workshop, storehouses, several equipment storages, offices and staff rooms.

The uncovered area has a 5,000 sq. m. yard, the boats are kept in closed and covered places. The boats can enter in the shipyard by road or by sea using a 100t. travel lift.

The ship yards can offer any kind of intervention on glass, wood and metal boats.
In the past they carried out big restructuring operations and the construction of new boats in VTR from 16 to 22 meters in lenght.

sanremo ship

Sanremo Ship s.r.l. - Via del Castillo n° 17 - Portosole - SanRemo (IM)
tel. 0184 505806 - fax 0184 505807

The company obtained the Certificated Environmental Management System, conforms to UNI EN ISO 14001, in 2006.
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The shipyard was founded in 1974 and currently covers an area of 4.000 sq. m. between the yard and the slipway, besides a 750 sq. m. building.

It is equipped with two lifting machines: a 100 T travel lift and a 28 T crane.

More specialized interventions on the wood, metals and VTR have been added to the primary activities of the past, which were mainly cleaning the underbody and antifouling operations. The shipyard can offer every kind of interventions on VT, wood and metal boats.

The ship yard has become a distribution point for International products and specializes in anti-osmosis prevention and treatment cycles.

Sanremoship offers any kind of nautical intervention for motor boats and sail boats through its highly equipped planing mill and metal carpentry shop.

In the past, the shipyard worked on important restructuring jobs concerning old style boats by Baglietto, Pichiotti, Cantieri di Pisa, San Germani, Benetti and De Vries.


The building, besides the offices also has an efficient warehouse that entirely serves the ship yard and the other companies that work in the sector.


Nautiservice s.r.l. - via del Castillo 17- Portosole - 18038 Sanremo
tel. 0184 507405 - fax 0184 509223

The Nautiservice company attends to mechanical workshop for nautical accessories and spare parts. It is high specialized in sea engines and it is authorized dealer in primary outboard and inboard engines companies: Caterpillar, Volvo, Cummins, Man, Mtu, Mercruiser, Aifo, Seatek, DDC, ZF, Twin Disc, Mercury, Fvinrude, Johnson e Yamaha.

The current headquarter is in Portosole, the Sanremo turistic port, and in the new locations customers can find a huge exposition of nautical accessories, and a very well equipped store with spare parts of the best manufactures.

deposito franco

Deposito Franco s.r.l. - corso Nazario Sauro 36 - 18038 Sanremo
tel. 0184 504050 - 0184 504051 - fax 0184 504052

The Deposito Franco company, founded in 1910, owns a building in the center of Sanremo in the old harbour and covers an area of 2.700 sq. m. It has been aquired by Permare Group in 1982 and restructured in 1996. At the moment it operates as real estate company hiring areas to various marketing and administrative activities.

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