The shipyard was built in 1974 and currently
covers an area of 4,000 square meters. between the square and the catchment area,
in addition to 750 square meters. of building. It is equipped with two lifting means:
140T travel lift and a 35T crane.
The primary activities of the past of hull cleaning
antifouling have been joined by many interventions
more specialized on wood, metals and VTR.
Over the years the shipyard has also become the point of
reference for the most important refits. The Sanremo Ship
is able to offer any type of intervention
nautical thanks to a well-equipped carpentry shop,
metal carpentry, workshop and painting booth.
Here are some examples of vintage refits like Amer
Yachts, Baglietto, Picchiotti, Cantieri di Pisa, San
Germani, Benetti, De Vries and Camper & Nicholsons.
In the new building, in addition to the offices, there is a large warehouse
of material that serves our yards entirely.

Mediterranean shipyards

Shipyards of the Mediterranean, built in the 1960s, always active in the
storage and assistance, are taken over by the Permare Group in
1988. Refurbished and equipped with 120T travel lift and trolley
boats up to 460 T are specialized in renovations and transformations
and maintenance. They are located in the industrial area of Bussana -
Sanremo, they have access from via Aurelia by land and from
call by sea.
In the area there is a metal structure shed
with a total area of approx. 1,800 compound
from a storage area, from a laboratory of
carpentry, mechanical workshop, warehouses, various
deposits, equipment, offices and employee premises. Is
indoor storage available inside the
shed or outdoors in its 5,000 square meter square.
The yards are able to offer any type of intervention on
fiberglass, wood and metal boats.
In the past, major renovations and the construction of
new fiberglass boats from 16 to 22 meters.

Site located in west coast

Cantieri Nautici del Ponente were born in 2017 from the merger of gods
Cantieri Nautici EFFEGI with the PerMare Group of Sanremo. From the initial
specialized production of typical Ligurian goiters (in wood and VTR), in 2017
the shipyard has become the reference point for maintenance and refitting
of any type of motor and sailing boat, this too
thanks to the experience and knowledge of the PerMare Group.
In addition to cleaning, hull maintenance and
much antifouling has been added
more specialized in wood, metals and VTR: the staff
highly specialized in metal carpentry,
carpentry, engine assistance, electrical systems,
allows any type of maintenance
ordinary and extraordinary up to total refitting.
Currently the Shipyards will have an area of
4,000 m2 intended for apron and dock. Inside of
two lifting vehicles are available in the equipped area: a
130T travel lift and 10T crane, forklifts and everything you need for
perform the necessary work efficiently and safely. The construction sites are located
inside the new Port of Imperia and are able to offer any
type of intervention on fiberglass, wood and metal boats up to 40 meters.