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Fernando Amerio has been involved in one aspect or another of the boating business since the early 1960’s. In 1973, he established the Nautical Centre Permare to offer a full range of services for his pleasure-boating clientele. His passion for the sea and his ongoing research in innovative technologies led to the development and construction of his own line of boats. During the 80’s and 90’s, Permare produced 52 boats from 16 to 25 meters in length. Subsequently, the Amer 20- 22- 24 meters in length series arise. Currently the production is increased up to 42,24 meters with the models 94, CENTO QUAD IPS and the projects 120 e 136. Today the Amer Yachts production is close to 90 units.



Years 60 – 70 Assistance

Several sea transfers made using one engine only served to recover boats from 10 mt until 24 mt in malfunction from Corsica and Sardinia have gained a precious and direct experience for our shipyard that could be summarized in 3 key points.

  • The shaft of the engine cannot be stopped in malfunction, the boat could not be controlled
  • The ideal speed couldn’t overcome 10 knots to avoid the damage at the unique propulsion system in operation
  • If the engine is supercharged could be damaged after 3-4H in motion.



Years 80 The beginning of the boat construction

The first experiments have been helped by the production of gear boxes which provide a supplementary lubrification pump allowing the shaft of the propeller on the engine unused to turn without damaging the gear box.

Only one engine could be used just for 3H and after must be alternated with the other one.

The best result obtained 11 lt by mile on 20 mt boats.



Years 90 – 2005 Nautical boom

We were authorised by Caterpillar to use a single engine to 1380 until 12 successive hours, after the engine should be alternated to the other one.

The best result obtained 10 lt by mile

Amer 82’ – Amer 86’.



Years 2005 – 2010 Pre-crisis period

Amer 92’ series with Caterpillar engines with the same economical fuel performance from the 90’s

The best result obtained 10 lt by mile.




Year 2010 – 2017 Great investment counter trend during the nautical crisis

Interesting experience with an Amer 92’ with motorization Man 2 x 1800 hp that has the possibility to sail at 1500 RPM constantly 24H/24 with consumption to 10 lt by miles courses.

In 2014 the beginning of IPS project with Amer 94’ motorised with 3 IPS Volvo Penta 1200.

The new propulsion able to sail 24H/24 by 3 engines to 1000 RPM with a 5,2 lt by mile consumption.

As follow in 2016 the Amer Cento Quad motorised with 4 IPS 1050 able to sail 24H/24 by 4 engines to 800 RPM with 3.5 lt consumption by mile.

By Amer 110’ UNIQUE conduct the IPS in the range pleasure ship, thanks to 4 engines IPS 1200 we get to overcome 30.5 knots maximum with consumption barely 665LT/H. #theboatofrecord2017



2018 – 2025 Project work in progress:

We built a 94’ bi- engines powered by the new IPS Volvo Penta 1350 and we are launching the new Amer 120’ QUAD powered by IPS Volvo Penta 1350.




The orientation of the shipyard will be reaching an electrical propulsion. We have already started a research program.

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